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Spectacular Latte Art: The Man and the Mystery

A Japanese barista with aspirations to someday open his own coffee bar has been blowing up the Internet in recent days with photos of his 3D latte art.

The gamer blog Kotaku first identified Kazuki Yamamoto of Cafe 10g in Osaka last year as the artist behind creations including the following, which have gone completely viral since being picked up by major U.S. media outlets like ABC News and the Huff Post. Here is a small sampling of Yamamoto’s work:

Kazuki Yamamoto 3d latte art


More of Yamamoto’s 3D creations can be found posted on Twitter. A review of his account, however, suggests that there is a second Japanese latte artist in Tokyo with 2D creations that are just as spectacular. Here is some of that work:

pink panther latte art

spectacular two-dimensional latte art

puzzle latte foam art

These photos were taken at the Antwerp Port, Minato, Tokyo, location of the international bar franchise Belgian Beer Cafe. They were pictured 3.5 hours from Osaka and reflect a very different style than that of Yamamoto.

We’d like to give much credit where much credit is due, but attempts by Daily Coffee News to contact Yamamoto and the Belgian Beer Cafe in Minato have gone without response. If you have any information about the artist behind these foam creations, please contact us or leave a comment below.





If you ever wanted to know why the suicide rate is so high among starving artists, it’s when giraffes in milk foam are held in higher public esteem than tempura or oil paintings.


I think it’s important to note a few things. First is that you’re on a website about coffee; they’re probably going to make a big deal about coffee. Just a thought. Another thing to consider is that good latte art is far more rare than a good oil painting, so it’s somewhat of a novelty. Latte art takes a great deal of skill, just like any other art form. To deny this guy’s talents would be doing the artworld a great disservice.

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