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Portland-Based Boyd Coffee Co. Rolls Out History-Focused Packaging

Boyd Coffee Company Launches new packaging

Portland-based Boyd Coffee Company (a.k.a. Boyd’s) has launched a rebranding effort, including new packaging and foodservice merchandising that draws upon the company’s long history in Portland and throughout Oregon. Boyd representative Lisa Hill says the new packaging represents just the first phase of a more comprehensive rebranding effort for the 113-year-old company, which distributes coffee to at least 26 states.

The new packaging prominently features black-and-white historic photos of the Boyd’s original location at 423 1/2 SW Morrison, as well as photos of iconic images from throughout Oregon, including the Columbia River Gorge Highway, the Broadway Theater and the Streamliner train.

“We wanted brand imagery that connected Boyd’s rich history of innovation and passion in the coffee industry to today’s consumer expectations around coffee excellence, without being presumptuous or smug about the care and quality that goes into every bean,” Boyd’s CEO and President Jeffrey Newman said in a company announcement.

Developed with the firm Commonwealth, the rebranding effort embraces what Boyd’s describes as a mission to  a good cup of coffee for the “everyman” coffee drinker. The packaging includes some notes on flavor and roast levels, but it also may include some advice for everyday applications (for example, one package includes step-by-step instructions for tying a men’s neck tie).

boyd's coffee new package with black and white photos


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lorraine tschaeche

what happened to the streamliner train from 1934 that was used in the rebranding of the coffee. Is it in a museum or was it destroyed at some time.

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