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Krispy Kreme Hoping to Boost Coffee Sales with Add-On Program

Krispy Kreme hoping to boost beverage sales

Creative Commons Photo by Tadson Bussey

Krispy Kreme is hoping to increase long-term loyalty by boosting its coffee and other beverage sales with a new add-on approach, according to company leadership.

In a recent call to analysts, CEO James H. Morgan said beverage sales represent the highest margins for the doughnut-heavy fast food chain. Hoping to compete with the likes of Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts in coffee loyalty, Krispy Kreme rolled out a “signature” coffee line nearly two years ago.

“We will continue to market and expand our beverage program with the goal of significantly increasing the percentage of transactions that include a beverage purchase,” Morgan told analysts. “We know that beverage sales are up.”