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In Reverie: Wichita Has New High-End Roastery and Coffee Bar

Reverie Coffee Roasters opens in Wichita

Facebook photo. Courtesy of Reverie Coffee Roasters.

Wichita, Kansas, has a new high-end roastery and retail bar, Reverie Coffee Roasters, which opened this week in a 1,500-square-foot space in the city’s Douglas Design District.

Created by business partners Andrew Gough and Rebecca McNelly, Reverie has a focus on single-origin coffees roasted in a 40-pound capacity infrared roaster made by Primo. Gough recently told the Wichita Business Journal  that he hopes the roastery and associate wholesale accounts will come to represent the majority of the business, aside from the coffee bar operations.

He also said a lot of the roastery’s mission will be related to customer education, telling reporter Emily Behlmann:

“There’s a lot of room in this industry,” he says. “We believe that other coffee roasters in the area are all doing good business. Our goal is to get coffee drinkers away from low-quality coffee to good-quality coffee.”

Reverie is hosting a grand opening party all next weekend, June 28-29, including coffee tastings, food trucks and more festivities.

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