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Atlanta Roastery with Ties to El Salvador to Open a Coffee Bar

The owner of Atlanta’s Brash Coffee — a micro roastery with direct relationships with farms in El Salvador — plans to open a retail location this fall.

Atlanta's Brash Coffee Plans to Open a Coffee Bar

Brash Coffee. Twitter Photo

Matt Ludwikowski, a former employee of Atlanta’s Octane Coffee, launched Brash after a 2011 trip to El Salvador. There he discovered the small coffee town of Laguneta, where farms traditionally sold their cherries to large commercial mills where they would be mixed with other El Salvadoran coffees. Ludwikowski’s repeated travels to the country eventually led him to invest in a Laguneta farm, and Brash currently offers a Laguneta coffee, as well as a Red Bourbon Finca San Jose from Sonsonate and a blend from Pacamara.

He recently told Atlanta Magazine that his involvement with the Laguneta farm had reached the point that he was traveling to El Salvador every Monday through Wednesday between working in Atlanta Thursday through Sunday. Brash maintains online sales, direct sales from an Atlanta office space and has numerous local restaurant and wholesale accounts.

As for the new coffee bar, expected to open this fall, Atlanta Magazine has the scoop:

Come early fall though, Brash Coffee will open a shop on the Westside with espresso, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and lattes ranging from $2.50 to $4. Since the coffee comes from Latin America, Ludwikowski has teamed up with La Calavera, a new Latin-inspired wholesale bakery, to supply muffins, croissants, empanadas, and concha (sweetbread), including some vegan varieties.

Brash Coffee’s decor will mimic the organic nature of the coffee with woods and an industrial feel. There will be a large community table for standing around in the center of the space where customers may find pour-over coffee being made right next to them. Ludwikowski says there won’t be any counters.

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