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David Hasselhoff Goes Extra Cheesy for Iced Coffee Promotion

David Hasselhoff starring in iced coffee video

David Hasselhoff is “Thirsty for Love”

Mock if you will, but David Hasselhoff has managed to turn reasonably good looks and a modicum of acting and musical talent into a $110 million career.

In a new marketing campaign led by Boston-based Full Contact, gas station and convenience store chain Cumberland Farms is now using Hasselhoff as its iced coffee poster boy in the Dunkin’ Donuts-dominated New England market. Clad in all white, Hasselhoff stars in the chain’s new video, “Thirsty for Love,” where he is seen sensuously sipping iced coffee while jet skiing, hang-gliding and just hanging out on a tropical beach at sunset.

In typical Hasselhoff fashion, the video has been widely ridiculed as a cheese bomb, while simultaneously helping rake in loads of cash. According to Cumberland Farms, a similar campaign with Hasselhoff last year resulted in a 147 percent sales spike in coffee in its core New England market. The campaign infamously led to “Hoffnapping,” as fans stole life-sized promotional cutouts of the former “Baywatch” star. 

“We saw the awareness and entertainment value he brought to the brand last year and are looking forward to the same this year,” David Heilbronner, senior manager for brand strategy Cumberland Farms, said in an announcement of the new campaign.

“Thirsty for Love,” starring David Hasselhoff



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