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Young Memphis Micro Roastery Reverb On a Big Mission

Jeremy Harris of Memphis launches Reverb Coffee

Jeremy Harris. Reverb Coffee Co.

The young founder Reverb Coffee Co., a new mico roastery in Memphis, has some big ideas.

Jeremy Harris launched the coffee roastery this Spring after some mission work in Malaysia in which he helped launch a coffee operation. While Harris is roasting in small batches to supply two grocery accounts and hoping to add more wholesale accounts in the short-term, his long-term vision is huge. Says Harris:

Our long term vision is to own with or partner directly with coffee farms in foreign countries. It is our goal to establish orphanages, churches, community centers, etc. on the farm or in the area of the farm with the proceeds from the coffee that we sell from that farm. This goal is our attempt at establishing a model even more beneficial to the farmers than the current fair trade model. Not only would we be giving a fair price to our farmers for their coffee, but we would also be investing in their lives and the lives of the community that they are a part of. We hope to one day see the effects of our company reverberating through entire communities in developing countries.

Harris also has a very clear vision for his roastery in the Memphis community:

Before we can achieve our long term goal, we want to establish ourselves in the city of Memphis. We want to become a beacon of hope and goodwill to those in the Memphis area. We look forward to partnering with churches and organizations that are already established in the city and working with them to see the city of Memphis achieve a brighter future. Part of this goal is to hire young adults from underprivileged areas of the city to work at our cafes and other locations. We would like to have these people to have a chance to be mentored through high school and college and achieve a high-skill level career.

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