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New Small Batch Roastery Andante Coming to Mid City L.A.

The new Andante Coffee Roasters location in Mid City L.A.

The new Andante Coffee Roasters location in Mid City L.A.

“Coming Soon” signs for a new coffee roastery and self-described artisan coffee shop are posted on the windows of a former Buzz Coffee location in Mid City Los Angeles.

Eater L.A. saw the signs first, providing the following report:

Window signage indicates “hand crafted coffee with small batches,” and “special artisan coffee shop,” which tend to mean more of the hipsters, barista-focused variety that’s all the rage about town. This stretch of Beverly could definitely use another quality shop, with only Shaky Alibi and King’s Road serving up half-decent brews in the area.

The name of the project is Andante Coffee Roasters, and it appears to be in part led by one Steve Hyun, one of only nine people in the United States to have yet obtained the new R (for robusta) grader certification from the Coffee Quality Institute. Hyun joins the likes of Andrew Hetzel and Ted Lingle with that distinction.

The new shop will be at 7623 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles. We’ll have more as its opening approaches. For additional photos of the exterior, visit Eater LA.


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