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English Translation of Coffee Processing Handbook Introduced at ICO Event

handbook on coffee processing translated by Joel SchulerJoel Shuler, founder of Austin-based green coffee sourcing, importing and roasting company Casa Brasil Coffees, is introducing an English translation of the Handbook of Coffee Post-Harvest Technology at the International Coffee Organization’s annual International Coffee Week this week in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Fluent in Portuguese and with in-depth of coffee sourcing and processing practices, Shuler was invited to translate the original scholarly work, Pós-Colheita do Café, written by associate professor at the Federal University of Lavras (Brazil) Flávio Meira Borém. The book promises to readers “a comprehensive guide to the processing, drying and storage of coffee.”

Following is a talk Flávio Meira Borém gave last year at the World Coffee Leaders Forum in South Korea on the impact of climate change on coffee quality:


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