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British Coffee Company Hopes to Improve the Airport Coffee Experience

Caffe Nero to open new shops in Heathrow

The existing Caffe Nero location inside Birmingham Airport

Anyone in the coffee industy who makes travel a part of their living knows that airport coffee can be shaky, at best. Hoping to change that, London-based coffee shop chain Caffè Nero has announced plans to open three new custom shops inside Heathrow Airport‘s terminal 2.

Nero, which specialized in “Italian-style” coffees with a focus on espresso drinks, says it even plans to open a roastery inside the airport, giving world travelers a glimpse into the roasting process. The company’s plans call for two coffee shops on the arrivals side of the terminal, and one airside. The largest of the shops will be designed to replicate a farmer’s market, with artisanal and fresh food products flanking the coffee bar. That facility will also house the roasting room and a music stage for a Nero-run music program.

The airside shop will feature deli-style food, Italian prosecco, Italian wines and Italian beers, as well as the full espresso menu. Says Caffè Nero’s founder and chairman Gerry Ford, “Our aim is to bring premium Italian products with provenance to the customer – to taste there or take away from the airport.”

The airport plan is part of the company’s larger plans to expand beyond the local London market. Caffè Nero currently operates shops in the U.K., Poland, Cyprus, Turkey and the UAE, as well as a coffee shop in the Birmingham Airport.




Caffe Nero is just another chain. Might as well just be another Starbucks (though Nero is better in my experience).

The Long Beach Airport (Long Beach, CA) got it right working with one of the city’s many local roasters (Polly’s) to setup shop at the airport. A locally owned coffee roaster right inside the city’s airport. Why did Daily Coffee News not pick up this story?

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