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Must See Video: Verve Coffee Roasters Explores Kenya

Santa Cruz’s Calif.-based Verve Coffee Roasters, which also has brick-and-mortar plans for L.A., has put together a beautifully shot short video that takes viewers on a trip to origin at multiple farms in Kenya.

Unlike many other films that provide a glimpse into the production process, the film takes a broader view of a trip to East African country, expertly conveying a sense of constant movement throughout farms, cityscapes and dilapidated residential areas. Here’s more on the short film from Verve’s co-owner and green coffee buyer Colby Barr:

“As a green buyer, you don’t spend all of your time on coffee farms or mills. In fact, much of your time is spent in transit, traveling to different regions and between these farms/mills, and even in city centers. It’s not like you can land a 747 in a coffee farm, after all. And it is without question coffee and its process from planting to roasting is an absolutely beautiful endeavor, but so are the little things: the taxi drivers and their custom interiors, the street food, the alleys, the crazy folk-art signage, the kids, and all of these observations and encounters that, together, really make up the ‘sense of place’ when traveling in origin.”


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