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Young Inventors Raise $25,000+ for Production of Cold Brew System ‘The Bruer’

bruer cold brew drip system

The Bruer

A pair of young inventors near Santa Cruz, Calif., has raised nearly $25,000 and counting to begin production of a an adjustable-drip cold brew system called the Bruer.

Gabe Herz and Andy Clark, who point to their bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering and industrial design, respectively, say they came up with the idea after discovering cold brewing several months ago, but didn’t find any brewers on the market that were to their liking. They say the Chinese manufacturers that helped developed the Bruer prototype are prepared for full-scale production of the system.

Herz and Clark are raising the money through Kickstarter, currently asking contributors for $50 for a Bruer system, which has a five-cup capacity and calls for 24 ounces of water through two ounces of coffee. The design incorporates a standard aeropress filter.

inventors of the Bruer cold drip

Andy Clark (left) and Gabe Herz

For more on the Bruer project:

Bruer homepage



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