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First Look: Boxcar Coffee at Craft-Centric Grocery Source in Denver

Boxcar coffee opens in Denver at the spot

Boxcar Coffee at The Source


Boulder, Colo.-based retailer and roastery Boxcar Coffee Roasters earlier this month unveiled its new space at The Source, a new Denver artisan food market featuring craft-centric restaurants and local producers. It’s the second Denver location for Boxcar, which has recently been spotted on multiple best-of lists of U.S. coffee shops.

The Spot location (hot tip: as of 16 hours ago, Boxcar is hiring a barista) will include coffee service, including Boxcar’s signature cowboy coffee-inspired creation, the Boilermaker — a percolator-type brew vessel with glass beekers and a heating element. The new space will also provide a show element for Boxcar’s coffee roasting operation, as it plans to move its vintage German Gothot roaster there.

(all photos courtesy of The Source)


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