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UAE-Based Coffee Planet Awarded UTZ Certification

(Press release from Coffee Planet)

Dubai, UAE. Oct. 23, 2013 — Coffee Planet, the UAE’s freshest home grown coffee brand has been awarded the international UTZ certification to roast and distribute UTZ Certified coffees. This is the first of such certifications for a facility in the Middle East Region and the only in UAE.

coffee planet gets UTZ certification

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In comparison to other international trading bodies, the UTZ program supports coffee farmers and farm workers directly, in learning better farming methods and improving their working conditions to grow better crops, generate more income and create better opportunities; whilst also supporting education and healthcare for their children as well as safeguarding the environment and securing the earth’s natural resources through the program.

Having always sourced premium 100% Arabica specialty graded coffee, this certification further cements Coffee Planet’s commitment to producing the freshest and best quality coffee for consumers, whilst also supporting its agricultural partners in coffee producing regions around the world.

Commenting on the certification, Managing Director of Coffee Planet Robert Jones said: “Being awarded the UTZ certification is a great achievement for us and a program we are proud to support. Always striving for the best quality coffee, we also strive to be as ethical as possible by buying direct and supporting our coffee-producing partners all around the world through sustainable practices implemented by the UTZ program. By supporting individual farmers and their families, UTZ goes quite a few steps further in ensuring companies are operating fairly, resulting in the very best coffee for all.”

The certification process for Coffee Planet took several months to be completed as specific chain of custody practices and codes of conduct and operation had to be implemented to meet the requirement of the UTZ program. Regulated by independent third parties, criteria for the certification is covered in the UTZ Codes of Conduct that consist of product-specific standards, as well as chain of custody standards at the Coffee Planet Roastery. This thorough certification system assures good agricultural practices and management, safe and healthy working conditions, no child labor and protection of the environment standards are implemented at UTZ certified coffee farms.

To achieve UTZ certification, producers must also comply with the economic, social and environmental criteria set out in the Codes of Conduct. Economic viability is crucial for long term sustainability, resulting in codes that focus on improving management skills as well as agricultural methods.

Customers will be able to purchase UTZ certified coffee from select ENOC and EPPCO stations across the UAE, from Coffee Planet ‘On the Go’ machines. The UTZ certification follows news that Coffee Planet has recently partnered with Jumbo supermarkets in Holland to distribute coffee to 375 of its stores throughout the country.

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