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Inside Blue Bottle’s New Hell’s Kitchen Bar, Plus a Sneak Peek of New Brooklyn Bar

Blue Bottle Coffee has opened its fifth New York location, a small streetside bar welcoming people into the newly opened Gotham West Market, a 150-seat indoor space surrounded by artisanal food vendors.

The new bar includes a La Marzocco Strada EP espresso machine and will feature a rotating variety of individually prepared drip coffees.Pastries are coming from Blue Bottle’s Brooklyn kitchen. The new bar will be followed in the not-so-distant future by the opening of a second Brooklyn bar inside a 260-square-foot space on Dean Street. Here is a Blue Bottle rendering of the interior:

inside blue bottle dean street

Incidentally, Freeman discusses the Dean Street design in this excellent interview with Fast Company, where Freeman says, “I have a very personal view of what I want in a café. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what other people want. I have my enthusiasms, and it’s exciting to work through them in this medium of coffee bars.”

Here’s a look at the Gotham West bar, which Blue Bottle is referring to as its Hell’s Kitchen location:

blue bottle opens in Gotham West

All photos by Blue Bottle Coffee

blue bottle coffee drip

strada espresso machine


blue bottle interior



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