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Dowtown Exhibit Combines Some of L.A.’s Top Roasters with ‘Coffeegraph’ Art

popup bar at coffeegraph

The pop up bar at the Think Tank Gallery. Photo courtesy of the LA Coffee Club.

A Los Angeles pop up bar and coffee art exhibit is finishing its three-week run this Saturday, Dec. 21., featuring some of the biggest names in L.A. coffee and the abstract expressionist work of Avi Roth.

Presented by the Think Tank Gallery and the LA Coffee Club, the exhibit was designed to embrace Downtown’s “accelerating craft coffee culture,” including guests such as Stumptown, Cafe Demitasse and Caffe Vita, among other guest roasters, to work the coffee bar. Compelling & Rich and Caffe Vita are scheduled to take over the bar for the final week, serving pour overs as well as creative coffee drinks such as a ghost pepper mocha, according to a recent Eater report. Coffee passes for the exhibit can be purchased here.

coffeegraph art

Coffeegraph piece courtesy of Avi Roth

As visitors sip their drinks, they’ll be treated to Roth’s work, which incorporates coffee grounds and byproducts as pigment in a brush-free collection he calls Coffeegraph. Here’s a very cool look into Roth’s process: