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Casa Brasil Coffee’s Joel Schuler to Judge at Brazilian Cup of Excellence

(press release from Casa Brasil)

(AUSTIN, TX – December 18, 2013) Joel Shuler, founder of Casa Brasil Coffees, the Austin-based coffee company that sources, imports and roasts beans exclusively from artisanal growers in Brazil, will join the jury of international coffee experts at The Cup of Excellence® competition for Brazil’s Late Harvest of naturally processed beans, January 13 – 17, 2014 in Brazil. Hosted by the United States-basedAlliance for Coffee Excellence, The Cup of Excellence® is one of the highest honors a coffee can receive. The esteemed competition and auction takes place throughout the year in numerous specialty coffee producing countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica.

Casa Brasil AustinThe international jury for the upcoming Brazilian event consists of skilled cuppers from more than 11 countries. Shuler is one of three from the United States. The only one of the few American coffee professionals to be both a certified Q Grader and hold the Port of Santos Coffee Classification, Shuler served on the panel at the IV Arabica Natural Conference at International Coffee Week in Belo Horizonte, Brazil last September.  Fluent in Portuguese, Shuler also recently translated Pos-Colheita do Café, a textbook on post-harvest coffee technologies (English title: Handbook of Coffee Post-Harvest Technology: A Comprehensive Guide to the Processing, Drying, and Storage of Coffee).

During The Cup of Excellence competition, coffees endure a rigorous analysis. The award winners are cupped at least five times during the three-week competition and the top 10 are cupped again to ensure consistency. The intense selection process includes an evaluation of thousands of cups and the coffees are scored on their exceptional characteristics. This competition has allowed consumers to discover a number of one-of-a-kind coffees, has brought enthusiasm and loyalty to coffees, and has changed the pricing structure for farmers.  For more on the Cup of Excellence, visit

About Casa Brasil

Founded in 2005, by Joel Shuler, Casa Brasil Coffees is an Austin, Texas based coffee company that sources, imports and roasts beans exclusively from artisanal growers in Brazil. Casa Brasil is the first United States coffee company to focus on directly trading and offering gourmet Brazilian beans from seed to cup. Shuler is one of the few coffee experts worldwide to earn both the Q Grader certification and the Port of Santos Cupping and Classification license. He is a regular contributor to coffee industry trade publications.
Located at 415 E. St. Elmo Rd Ste 4A Austin, TX 78745. Casa Brasil Coffees is currently available in Austin area grocery stores, farmers’ markets and some of the city’s finest restaurants. Learn about their distinctive “Sabor e Progresso” vision and purchase coffee online Follow Casa Brasil on Facebook and Twitter.