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Sonofresco Releases Two New Products for 2014

(press release from Sonofresco. Claims not verified or endorsed by Daily Coffee News)1lbRoasterAdd

Burlington, WA — Sonofresco has announced the release of its 2014 models, including an all-new 1-pound sample roaster and Advanced Roasting Definition Technology:

  • New 1 lb. roaster becomes a true Sample Roaster at the turn of a knob.
  • Customize your roast profile using Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) Technology.
  • All Sonofresco coffee roasters are UL/CSA listed.

Sonofresco Company Profile

Sonofresco was founded by Dr. Jerry Whitfield in Burlington WA. In 1999 to design and manufacture small scale commercial coffee roasters intended for the coffee retailer and for home based businesses. Sonofresco’s product line include the 1 lb. /Sample Roaster combination, the 2 lb. roaster, and venting options. They also supply a wide variety of Arabica Green Coffee beans and blends, usefully packaged in 50 lb. and smaller boxes.

Sonofresco coffee roasters have provided fresh, great tasting coffee to multiple thousands of users over the last 14 years. They are simple to operate, reliable, and produce a consistent quality of roast.


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