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The Little Things that Inspire, Like This 5-Story Caribou Coffee Mall Installation

caribou pinterest

Look at all the inspiration!

Caribou Coffee has launched the world’s largest Pinterest board in the nation’s largest shopping mall, The Mall of America. Why? To celebrate the release of its new “Real Inspiration Blend,” which the company says was inspired by consumers who posted their own inspirational photos to Pinterest and Instagram.

After all, what could be more personal and inspiring than a giant marketing installation in a sprawling behemoth of a shopping mall?

The campaign’s Pinterest board shows a hodgepodge of heavily touched-up images from the photography and design worlds, including but not limited to: coffee mugs, coffee beans, a young woman blowing bubbles, pine trees, 20-somethings eating lunch on canoes, a young girl sitting on her father’s shoulders, a piano, a dilapidated red door, nice green rubber boots and clam harvesting in a wool sweater.

What did all this inspire from Caribou? The company says the blend is a “sweet and thought-provoking light roast, created to help fans pause and catch a moment of inspiration.” The blend is the company’s first ever to launch simultaneously at all its retail stores and grocery stores.

The five-story Pinterest board will be on display now through Feb. 13 at the main rotunda at the Mall of America in suburban Minneapolis. If you happen to be there, activities will include:

  • An Inspiration Stage that will inspire fans to pursue their passions through demonstrations and performances by other lifestyle brands located in the Mall.
  • Real Inspiration Sampling will offer guests the opportunity to be among the first to try Caribou’s newest blend in a miniature Caribou Coffee.
  • A Chalkboard Pin will invite guests to get creative and share what inspires them most.
  • A large-scale Caribou Coffee Mug will enhance the realism of the Living Pinterest Board experience.
  • A Caribou Photo Booth will feature fun, life-size props where fans can capture the moment and share it with their social followers.


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