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Melbourne’s Code Black Coffee is Coming to North America

code black montreal coffee

Facebook. Code Black’s Tiffany, Archie and Stephanie in Montreal.

One of Melbourne’s hottest roasteries and coffee shops, Code Black Coffee is coming to Montreal, with one shop soon to open and two more in the works.

Roaster Archie Chiu was recently in Montreal to help develop the young company’s second shop, which follows its flagship at 15-17 Weston Street in Brunswick, Melbourne. While Code Black roasts its own beans in Australia, Eater recently reported that the Montreal shop will currently be supplied by Phil & Sebastian until it gets its own Montreal roastery up and running.

The Canadian effort represents a partnership between Asha Haber and Gus Haddad, a relative of Code Black Melbourne founder Joseph Haddad, who also founded the 11-store Cafenatics chain in Melbourne. From the Eater report:

The two have license to use the Code Black name and plan to open two more cafés in the Plateau over the next year or so.

If the Canadian Code Black team plans to borrow any aesthetic cues from the original Melbourne Code Black, Montreal should be very excited. Here are some shots of that bar, courtesy of Zwei Interior Design & Architecture:

code black coffee

code black inside

code black coffee melbourne montreal


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beautiful café, have heard only bad things about their management in regards to the treatment of their employees. have only had two coffees there, a P&S SOE and a fetco brewed filter. I can’t be mad at a poorly brewed fetco as qc on those in a slow café that recently opened can be tough budget-wise but the espresso was far from ok. a great coffee turned into over extracted acid water. I love a normalé done correctly, this was not ok though. just a heads up I guess.

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