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Nespresso Inventor Eric Favre to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at GCR Leaders Symposium

(press release from Global Coffee Review. Claims not verified or endorsed by Daily Coffee News)


Organizers of the GCR Leaders Symposium, taking place on 5 March 2014 in Singapore, will be presenting Eric Favre, the inventor of the Nespresso capsule system, with a Coffee Leaders Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Coffee Leaders Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a prominent member of the coffee industry who has made a significant impact in their field, as selected by the GCR Editorial Board.

Favre is the first General Director of Nespresso, having invented, patented and introduced the Nespresso system in 1976 while working for Nestlé. In 1991, Favre launched Monodor, and patented a new capsule design that didn’t require the use of aluminium. Those patents were used under license by Lavazza and Migros.

Favre eventually launched Mocoffee alongside Pascal Schlittler. As his brainchild, Mocoffee is a technology enabling and private label coffee capsule company based in Switzerland that works with roasters about the world. As a next phase, the company will soon be promoting its products directly to consumers under the brand Mocoffee.

Following on from these achievements, Favre can be credited with much of the success that coffee capsules experience on the market today. Around 15 billion coffee capsules were sold around the world in 2013. Coffee capsules, largely under the leadership of Nespresso, have changed the nature of home and office consumption of espresso coffee, allowing anyone to experience quality espresso at the touch of a button.

The GCR Leaders Symposium will take place at the Marina Bay Sands on 5 March 2014, ahead of the ICT/Café Asia event. The symposium will welcome coffee leaders from around the world to discuss the potential of the booming Asian coffee market. Topics include coffee prices, single-serve, instant coffee, specialty coffee in Asia, and coffee service.