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Inside Greenpoint’s Newest Scandinavian Lifestyle Coffee Spot, Budin


Most of the press surrounding the opening of Greenpoint’s (Brooklyn) newest high-end Scandanavian specialty coffee spot, Búðin, has focused on its $7 latte (update: $10 latte): “That’s a latte money,” says the hilarious editorial team at the New York Daily News.

The latte in question, the Lakkrís Latte, is a Tim Wendelboe coffee combined with layers of Scandinavian licorice. Yes, it is $7 (now $10). But everything on the menu is not so extravagantly priced. Coffee offerings start at as low as $2, with daily selections from Norway’s Wendelboe and Sweden’s Koppi. There is also a rotating list of coffees from roasteries from five Scandinavian countries.

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Budin coffee in Brooklyn

Co-owners Elliot Rayman and Crystal Pei have also announced plans to grow the cafe into a kind of lifestyle shop, offering goods from a long list of Scandinavian designers, as well as beer and wine.

Interior-design sparsity, a Modbar, roasts that test the boundaries of lightness, perfect gloves and, yes, a $10 latte served on a silver tray. Will it work? Time will tell.

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Inside Budin Coffee in Brooklyn




The coffee is roasted in Scandinavian countries and then shipped to NY 3,000 miles away? Aside from sounding like the coffee may not be all that fresh all that extra shipping sounds environmentally unfriendly.

Jerry Hill

well if you consider that most US seafood(80% +)and more and more veggies, etc are increasingly imported …with the use of the best materials for freshness preservation…the coffee will be “fresher” than most mainstream coffee sold anywhere in the US. BTW..I have no interest in this coffee company..just saying according to global trends.

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