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A Long Time Coming, Andytown Set to Open in the Outer Sunset

Andytown Grand Opening Party

If you’re anywhere near the Outer Sunset in San Francisco this weekend, we’ve got your plans.

After months upon months of construction and inspections, as well as a $21,000+ Kickstarter campaign, former Blue Bottle employee and occasional Wired coffee writer Lauren Crabbe and her roastmaster husband Michael McCrory are hosting the grand opening of Andytown Coffee Roasters on Saturday, March 22.

Andytown coffee retail

The retail wall. Facebook photo by Andytown.

The party at their 3655 Lawton space will include live music, free coffee (!), food and and a surfboard raffle. Along with friends, the couple has building out the space — which includes a reclaimed wood bar, a gorgeous retail wall and a Kees van der Westen Idrocompresso espresso machine — since 2012.

The Andytown name comes from  McCrory’s Belfast roots, and the shop will be serving scratch-made Irish soda bread, along with Irish stew that incorporates local ingredients.

The San Francisco Weekly has a preview of the party, including a sneak peek inside, predicting a warm embrace from the historically coffee-underserved neighborhood:

The team has been building out the space for so long that despite being technically closed for over a year, they already have regulars. In the quiet pastel landscape of the Outer Sunset, even the small stirring of a steam wand’s hiss attracts a lot of curious eyes, and neighbors have been stopping in for enough months now that even a tiny, frenetic neighborhood dog, Dougie Doug, has become the de facto mascot. It’s not even open, but Andytown is already tightly woven into the neighborhood, and it’s a love affair that goes both ways.

Lauren Crabbe and Michael McCrory


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