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Oreo Drops Six-Second Bombshell on the Coffee World (Video)

‘Tis the season for cold drinks. Knowing this, the wicked temptress Oreo gives us these six seconds:

The video is part of Oreo’s Snack Hack series, which includes short instructional clips on how to make things like Oreo pops and dunking kebabs. The series also includes recipes from celebrity chefs, including Oreo bread pudding by Nguyen Tran (Starry Kitchen), Oreo-crusted chicken tenders by Roy Choi (Kogi BBQ Taco Truck), and Oreo tortilla chips by Michael Voltaggio (Ink).

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There is also this Oreo latte, for which Oreos are soaked in milk overnight:

Do these recipes work? Will they work equally well with generic brand Oreo knock-offs or even Paul Newman’s slightly healthier alternative Newman-Os? Are they the reason for the Hydrox comeback?

Obviously some testing will be required.


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Hang-on a second! How did the Oreos soaked in the fridge become a smooth, chocolatey mixture by morning?!

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