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Specialty Coffee is Good in Sacramento, and These Roasters Want You to Know It

Sacramento craft coffee splat specialty week

From the SPLAT Sacramento Public Latte Art Tournament.

Two Sacramento, Calif., roasteries are teaming up to help shed some light on the city’s craft coffee scene for local consumers and those farther afield. Following the popularity of annual events like Sacramento Beer Week and Midtown Cocktail Week, Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters and Temple Coffee are organizing Specialty Coffee Week, beginning Oct. 13.

“We hope these events bring more awareness to our industry in Sacramento, and the recognition that we’ve got some of the best coffees in the world here,” says Temple’s Sean Kohmescher.

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The roasteries are currently looking for other businesses who may be interested in participating in the event, which will include education seminars, tastings, farm-to-cup education, a series on “pushing coffee boundaries,” a competitive event, and coffee preparation demonstrations.

Chocolate Fish’s Andy Baker suggests the collective interest among consumers in Sacramento in craft specialty coffee has already been demonstrated through events like the first annual SPLAT (Sacramento Public Latte Art Tournament), which brought together baristas from throughout the city from roasters including Chocolate Fish, Temple, Insight Coffee Roasters and Old Soul. (Temple trainer Cole Cuchna took top honors in the multi-day tournament, which concluded last night.)

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Says Baker, “We’ve seen the enthusiasm in the community and the need to continue providing education and fun events.”

One of the event’s greatest achievements thus far has been scoring this primo domain name: