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How to Brew the World’s Best Aeoropress: The 2014 World Champion’s Recipe

2014 world aeropress championship finalists winner

From left to right: Martin Karabiňoš, Shuichi Sasaki and Jeff Verellen. The 2014 World Aeropress Finalists. Photo by Luca Rossetti for the World Aeropress Championship.

Looking to up your Aeropress game? Who better to instruct than the recently crowned 2014 World Aeropress Champion Shuichi Sasaki of Paul Bassett in Japan, who came out on top among a field of 27 National Champions Monday, June 9, in Rimini, Italy.

Like all competitors, Sasaki competed using an Aeropress from Aerobie, Perla Chiquita coffee from Cafe Imports, a boiler by Marco, grinders by Mahlkönig and Marco, Bonavita kettles and scales, and cups by KeepCup.

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For the final round, which took place in sweltering summertime heat on a beach on the Adriatic, Sasaki beat out Slovakian Aeropress Champion Martin Karabiňoš of Dublin Cafe and 2013 World Champion Jeff Verellen of CaffeNation. The brews were judged by Tim Wendelboe, James Hoffmann and Tim Styles, with Tim Varney casting a final tie-breaking vote after each judge simultaneously pointed to one of each of the three finalists as the winner.

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For more on the event, including recipes from all three of the finalists, check out the World Aeroppress Championship website.

Without further ado, here is Sasaki’s winning recipe:

16.5g coffee, 78℃, 250cc, soft mineral water, EK43 Grind at 9.5
Rinse normal paper filter, in standard position.
40g of blooming water for 25 seconds, stir 5 times.
Add 210g of water, stir once.
Press very slowly for 75 seconds.
Leave 45g.


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