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Cafe Imports to Raise Funds for World Coffee Research Through Opt-In Program

World Coffee Research and Cafe Imports

Coffee seedlings at a WCR research farm. Photo by World Coffee Research

Minneapolis-based green coffee seller Cafe Imports today announced a partnership with Texas A&M-based World Coffee Research in which one half a cent from every per pound sold to participating roasters will benefit WCR research projects.

WCR has been growing steadily in recent years, leading several initiatives to support sustainable arabica supply chains. The group most recently announced a multimillion dollar project in association with USAID and several other organizations to combat leaf rust throughout Central America, as well as developments in ongoing genetics research, which the group says could “usher in the next generation of coffee varieties that are high in quality, stable in yielding ability, resistant to most coffee pests and resilient to the effects of climate change.”

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Cafe Imports is calling the fundraising project the “check off fund.” It requires an opt-in from participating roasters. Those interested should contact their rep, a one-time signature will be required and Cafe Imports will deliver the funds directly to WCR. The group hopes the small incremental donation system will be more effective than requesting larger sums on an annual basis.

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