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Mike Hill of Metal Shredders Tombs Launches Savage Gold Coffee

mike hill tombs coffee

Mike Hill (middle) of Tombs and Savage Gold Coffee

Mike Hill likes his coffee the same way he likes his metal: black. With a new album release and a North American fall tour on the immediate horizon for his Brooklyn metal band Tombs, Hill has just announced the launch of his coffee company.

Savage Gold Coffee — named in line with the band’s new album, Savage Gold — has released its first roast, an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, a Fair Trade and organic-certified wet-process coffee that Hill describes as “an aromatic and dynamic coffee roasted to perfection with a large flavor profile.”

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We can’t attest to the quality of the coffee, but Hill’s approach to coffee seems admirable:

Coffee is the fascia that has connected all aspects of my life. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of my grandmother brewing coffee on the stove top for my family after a hearty meal. The memories are warm and comforting, like a blanket against a chilly morning. During my college days, I relied on coffee to keep me focused on my studies as night time fell and fatigue set in. It has helped me achieve goals, kick off a busy day and been an accessory to deep, meaningful conversations with close friends.

I’ll spare you the monologue on the health benefits of coffee because much of it is anecdotal at best. Honestly, I take it black no sugar. I prefer not to adulterate the intensity of a finely brewed cup of java with sugar, cream, milk or any of the myriad of other additives that you can mix in.

Listen to Tombs’ latest release “Edge of Darkness,” which we can’t help but assume is a reference to first crack:


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