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This Week in Kickstarter: The Cortica Cork and Porcelain Travel Mug

The Cortica travel coffee mug cork and porcelain

Technically, this is a few weeks ago in Kickstarter, as this cork-wrapped porcelain travel mug called Cortica is currently in production, having earned nearly $65,000, almost $30,000 more than the campaign’s goal.

Montana-based creator Robert Knox says he’s recently been using cork to build custom fly rods after years of building houses, furniture and longboards. The material, he says, responds to a number of traditional problems found in other travel mugs. Specifically, cork is more rugged than porcelain, while providing additional insulation. The only piece of plastic on the mug, the lid, is inset so as not to make contact with the drinker’s mouth.

Why $35,000 to produce a 12-ounce travel mug? Knox says it relates to keeping the retail price at $25:

We’ve been working with a high-quality manufacturer, and in order to keep cost low, we have to put in a minimum order of $35,000.  Our goal from the beginning was to create a quality product at a great price, and promising the manufacturer this minimum order allows us to do that.