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Expand Your Mind with These Psychomimetic Coffee Prints


Inspired by their office espresso machine named Alexia and by favorite local coffee shop, The Village Coffee & Music, a Dutch creative agency has released a series of arresting art pieces surrounding the concepts of coffee obsession and addiction.


The series of collages, named C8H10N4O2, grew out of Utrecht-based agency Detour, which occasionally detours from its own client-based communications work for more personal art-based projects that keep the creatives loose and inspired, Detour’s Marnix De Klerk tells Daily Coffee News.


These pieces were the particular brainchildren of coffee-obsessed Nina Mathijsen, a Detour partner and illustrative designer who created these collages from found images combined with original illustrations and coffee-based paint.

The original pieces were recently on display, in the office’s favorite hangout, The Village, but most were sold within a month.

For the record, both De Klerk and Mathijsen prefer flat whites.