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“I Degassed About Three Minutes Ago:” Conan O’Brien Visits Intelligentsia L.A.

Last night’s episode of Conan included a field trip to Intelligentsia’s West Coast headquarters in Los Angeles. As would be expected, Conan O’Brien provided most of the yucks, while the show’s associate producer Jordan Schlansky and Intelligentsia’s Sam Sabori and Eden-Marie Abramowicz played it mostly straight.

Watch it!


Conan responding to Schlansky on when is the ideal time off roast to drink coffee: “I degassed about three minutes ago.”

Conan to Sabori, looking over the cooling rack: “Has anyone ever fallen into the machine and been mixed in with the beans accidentally. And when they went to drink it it was filled with human bone, blood and gore?”

Conan at the cupping table: “I’m getting coffee on this side of my mouth, and over here I’m getting more coffee. In the front, I’m picking up strong hints of coffee.”

Abramowicz unable to conceal her horror as she tries to collectedly explain to Conan why chocolate chip cookie-flavored creamer at the cupping table is frowned upon.

Conan to Abramowicz after she explains her espresso extraction process to the cynical Schlansky: “That was fantastic, what you just did. You just ripped him a new a-hole and I loved it.”



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