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Bay Area Food Craft Institute Launches Five-Week Course Touring Top Roasteries

food craft institute coffee course

Photo courtesy of Food Craft Institute

Oakland-based Food Craft Institute is launching a five-week program designed for entrepreneurs interested in developing their own craft coffee roasting and/or retail businesses.

FCI regularly runs hands-on education programs in any number of craft food categories, with a dual emphasis on developing craft and business development. The coffee “master course” is one of four new education programs for 2015, along with butchery, beer and chocolate.

The $1,200 coffee course includes field trips to notable Bay Area roasters and retailers including Blue Bottle Coffee (James Freeman instructor), Roast Co. Coffee (Alex Roberts instructor), Ritual Coffee Roasters (Eileen Hassi instructor), Modern Coffee (Kristen Nelson instructor), Verve Coffee Roasters (Colby Barr instructor).

Here’s what Food Craft Institute has to say about the coffee development curriculum:

Students will receive an in-depth education of coffee, roasting, flavor profiles, bean sourcing, farmer partnerships, ordering, timing and testing. Learn what specialized equipment is needed for a coffee business and where to get it. Instruction will also cover coffee marketing, brand, packaging, public relations and customer service.

For more information, check out FCI’s Coffee Roasting & Retail 2015.