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Test Tubes, Baby: The New Pre-Dose Rack System from Alpha Dominche

Any number of strategies and ancillary devices can help make brew-to-order coffee bar workflow more efficient during peak hours, but few are going to look as lab-groovy as these new pre-dose racks coming out from Alpha Dominche, makers of the Steampunk brewing system.

The company softly unveiled the racks, with glass, corked vessels on Instagram two days ago, showing them in action at one of the locations of San Francisco high-end tea purveyor Samovar Tea Lounge:


As you can see, these babies are for the full-on coffee laboratory effect.

Each metal rack includes 30 glass test tubes that are 32 x 200 mm, allowing for coffee capacity of up to 40 grams. Each metal stand is is 21 x 6.5 x 10.5 inches. The stoppers are rough-grained punched cork.

Alpha Dominche pre dose coffee racks tubes

Photos courtesy of Alpha Dominche

“We found out pre-dosing coffees and teas is a great way to speed up work flow during peak hours, and an aesthetic way to display your coffees or teas for customers to see,” Alpha Dominche Marketing Director Jessica Tocci tells Daily Coffee News, adding that coffee can be weighed and inserted into the tubes via a separately sold filler accessory.

The pre-dose racks and tubes are not yet available on Alpha Dominche’s e-commerce store, but inquiries can be made directly to the company.

Alpha Dominche pre dose coffee racks tubes


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I have been saying that this is a wonderful idea for a pour bar, and even determining the right amount of coffees that you want to use for espresso, since before the Steampunk came out.
And I know of cafes that do just that.

It isn’t revolutionary.

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