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‘Men and Coffee’ is Like ‘Hot Dudes Reading,’ Minus the Books

A relatively new Instagram account peppering images of half-naked men and mustachioed baristas drinking and preparing coffee is the latest, greatest thing on the internet, where shallowness knows no depths.

@menandcoffee is up to 13K+ followers, with thousands more bound to follow after Time Magazine yesterday described the Instagram as “your new morning pick-me-up.” The account is in the vein of “Hot Dudes Reading on Trains,” which as Jezebel so wryly put it, “celebrates basic literacy in men.”

Through the hashtag #menandcoffee, Vancouver-based social media strategist Alex Tooby is running the account, along with a recently launched sister account, @womenandcoffee. Both accounts point to Tooby’s online store, which includes things like coffee-theme t-shirts and mustache mugs.

Tooby says she launched Men and Coffee on a “total and utter whim” and that most of the photos from men and coffee come from the hashtag. “So it’s true, the photos you see on the feed come to me from beautiful men all over the world,” she writes.

You would be hard pressed to find many other industries in which the perceived “beauty,” let alone “hotness,” of individual purveyors is so readily explored as in coffee. Whether that’s a good or bad thing for coffee retail at large is, I think, debatable. For now, with a modicum of shame, we share some selections from Trooby’s people drinking coffee accounts:








David Palmer

In other news, the top Baristas from around the world have decided to come together as one collective consciousness in order to cure Aids, Cancer and Herpes. Think Bionic Six x 10000000000. Of course, this will be done in the most condescending way imaginable. That said, it’ll be done with a style and supreme pretension that some are hoping will create residual effects so fantastic that global warming will reverse itself.

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