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Know Where Coffee Manually Pouring and Pulling in Gainesville

know where coffee gainesville

Photo by Know Where Coffee

As its name implies, Know Where Coffee is built around the concept of engaging consumers in the origin and preparation of their coffee.

The shop, founded by University of Florida alumnus Alfonso Guerrero-Villa, is planning its grand opening this Saturday, March 14, just steps away from the UF campus at 1226 W University Ave.

For the coffee, Know Where has a sourcing relationship with the Jacksonville roastery Bold Bean Coffee Roasters, as well as relationships with local Gainesville roasters. Under Nicaragua-raised Guerrero-Villa’s design, the drink menu is remarkably clean and focused, emphasizing single-origin coffees and manual brew method.

Alfonso Guerrerro-Villa, owner and manager of Know Where Coffee

Alfonso Guerrero-Villa, owner and manager of Know Where Coffee. Photo by Entirely Sweet Photography.

On the coffee side, there are four drink types: brewed coffee ($4; select Aeropress, Hario v60, Chemex or Clever dripper), cold brew ($4), espresso ($2.75), or espresso and milk ($3.50, $3.75 or $4, depending on the proportion of milk to coffee. There will also be teas and signature espresso drinks.

Following the “know where” mantra, descriptions of roasted coffees get into an advanced level of detail. Here’s just one of the six coffees listed as in stock for the opening:

Know Where’s coffees will primarily come from Central or South America, with some African coffees also featured, and scratch baked goods will come from Gainesville’s Bearkery.



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