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Check Out Astronaut Hero Scott Kelly’s Espresso Ball Made with Pee Water

space pee espresso ball

Photo by Scott Kelly aboard the International Space Station.

Among the incredible achievements of American astronaut, retired U.S. Navy Captain and human superhero Scott Kelly, this round coffee ball composed in part of potable urine may not top the list. It is, nonetheless, really cool.

Kelly has been aboard the International Space Station since March of this year as the station’s operations chief, taking part of a special yearlong mission. Earlier today, he tweeted this incredible photo of espresso from the end of a straw forming a perfect ball in the absence of gravity. (The ISS crew must be enjoying their new space-compatible espresso machine!) The water used for the espresso machine comes from the ISS’s water and urine recycling system, which allows for “yesterday’s coffee to become today’s coffee.”

Kelly’s got his own space-coffee joke:

Kelly doesn’t only take pictures of pee espresso and post them to Twitter. In his short time above the ISS, he’s captured incredible images of the station itself, the sun, and various swaths of the earth’s surface. Here are just a few, but follow Kelly’s Twitter for more: