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Allegra Events to Debut Consumer-Facing House of Coffee & Co. Event in London

The Victoria House Building, event setting for the inaugural House of Coffee & Co.

The Victoria House Building, event setting for the inaugural House of Coffee & Co.

Allegra Events, the group behind the annual London Coffee Festival and the forthcoming inaugural New York Coffee Festival, is planning a new event in London called The House of Coffee & Co, the latest addition to a growing tide of consumer-focused coffee events.

While Allegra’s festival-branded events are broader in scope — including barista skills competitions, and related fashion, music and culinary events — the House of Coffee event promises a more immersive coffee education and tasting experience for consumers. The event is taking place Nov. 5-8 in the historic Victoria House building at London’s Bloomsbury Square.

It will include five “gallery” setups, each with a different focus. The green coffee origins and provenance gallery is a “platform for green coffee traders, speciality coffee importers and roasters to present their best coffees and expert knowledge to a discerning audience,” according to Allegra; the roasting gallery will allow professionals to demonstrate equipment and techniques throughout the roasting process; the brewing gallery will explore concepts in grinding, and include professional and home espresso and filter brewing equipment; the coffee and food pairing will, you guessed it, pair coffees with foods; and an “Understanding Taste” gallery will provide an introduction to sensory analysis.

house of coffee & co.

Event Setting for House of Coffee & Co.

Allegra Events is currently accepting applications from exhibitors, seeking what it describes as “exciting, enthusiastic and content-driven exhibitors keen to offer a compelling experience.”