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Datamyne Launches Coffee Import Weekly Service at NCA

A Datamyne chart showing organic labeling over a six-month period.

A Datamyne chart showing organic labeling over a six-month period.

Datamyne, a Miami-based company that provides searchable databases of import and export data from more than 50 countries, is launching a new coffee-focused service called Coffee Import Weekly.

The subscription service is designed for people involved in international green or packaged coffee trade, and it promises to capture data for each coffee shipment at the 13 U.S. ports, including detailed product descriptions, variety types, certification types, and more. Data is culled from lading bills — the documents used to ensure that exporters receive payment and importers receive merchandise from international shippers — within 24 hours of their release from customs, Datamyne says.

The Coffee Import Weekly product is being launched in conjunction with the National Coffee Association Annual Convention, which is currently underway in San Diego, Calif. After beta testing the service, the company says the data correlates at approximately 70 percent with the subsequent month’s Current Warehouse Coffee Stocks Report. That report, which can be found here, is issued monthly by the Green Coffee Association.

“The Coffee Import Weekly has a strong correlation to GCA statistics, but is released one or two weeks sooner,” Datamyne CEO Brendan R. McCahill said in an announcement leading into the NCA launch. The company says it has been beta testing the service for nearly a year. Said McCahill, “The consensus is that the Coffee Import Weekly works as an earlier leading indicator of coffee supply-demand trends for coffee brokers, traders, buyers & retailers — in fact, anyone who watches and wants to stay ahead of the coffee market.”

Updated every seven days, the database allows users to set parameters or run comparisons based on data points such as region of origin, shipper, coffee varietal, microlot or no, as well as certifications associated with specific imports.

The company is running demos of the product during the NCA convention, and demonstrations are also available online. Examples of the database interface and sample results can be found here. Datamyne’s core products range from $250 to $400 per month, although the pricing plan for Coffee Import Weekly is not readily available.


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