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David Wasson Named Batdorf & Bronson President and COO

Batdorf & Bronson coffee

Multistate roaster/retailer Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters has appointed David Wasson as the new president and COO, effective last week. Wasson, who has been with B&B for 20 years, succeeds Larry Challain, who has named CEO and will serve as company board chairman and treasurer.

Two years after launching the Dancing Goats Espresso Company in Olympia, Wash., Larry and Cherie Chalain purchased the Batdorf & Bronson roastery in 1990, specializing in wholesale roasting throughout the region.

The company then opened a B&B roastery in Atlanta in 1994, and moved into an expanded roastery in Olympia in 1999. In addition to supplying wholesale accounts throughout the country, the company currently operates two Atlanta and three Olympia retail locations under the Batdorf & Bronson or Dancing Goats names.

Based in Olympia, Wasson served as retail operations director before occupying the role of vice president and CFO in 2004.

In a company announcement of the appointment, Wasson said, “My vision for the future encompasses the guiding principles of sustainability to lessen our ecological footprint while sourcing premium quality green coffee and taking an active role in our community through participation and investment.”


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