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Video: Loring Roasters Built From Start to Finish

Energy efficiency, responsive roasting chamber controls and bean-level roast consistency have been at the center of California-based roasting manufacturer Loring‘s pitch since its first single-burner machine hit the market.

Heretofore, to get an insider’s view of how each of the machine’s components come together to create such touted benefits, your best bet was to schedule a tour at the company’s Sonoma County, Calif., headquarters. Today, thanks to the uproarious crew at the Science Channel, we provide the next best thing: An episode of “How It’s Made” featuring the manufacture of a Loring roaster.

The original episode aired Aug. 3, and here’s the segment on Loring in two parts, featuring all kinds of laser cutting, bending, welding and installing for parts like the paddle, the heat shield, the cooling tray, the trier, the circulation fan and Loring’s characteristic S-duct that recirculates heat through the “smokeless roasting” process.


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