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Efico Group Donates $90K to World Coffee Research’s Farmer Profitability Program

world coffee research monitoring program

World Coffee Research photo.

Belgium-based green coffee trader Efico Group has announced a $90,000 contribution to World Coffee Research. Made through the Efico Foundation, the money will go toward WCR’s Global Coffee Monitoring Program, which involves actively testing coffee varieties on working coffee farms to determine potential for farmer profitability.

“Research-based field trials and knowledge transfer are essential to enhance the transition to a more sustainable coffee future,” Efico Group CEO Michel Germanès said in a recent announcement of the contribution released by United States-based WCR. “This will benefit all actors in the supply chain, with coffee farming communities at the forefront.”

WCR said the $90,000 contribution will support the program at a minimum of 12 sites in Guatemala and Honduras, including data production for least five years. The nonprofit research group said approximately 180 farm trials associated with the monitoring program will be installed this year, and it estimates that there will be some 1,200 trials ongoing by 2022.

A key aspect of the monitoring program is farmer profitability, as tests are being established on portions of existing farms, as opposed to independently run research stations that would otherwise limit environmental factors.

“From the data, statistically significant recommendations will be provided for maximizing performance according to farm size, farming systems, elevation, soil type, shade cover, climate zone, and other variables,” WCR said of the program. “Data from the trials will be shared with producers and the coffee sector.”