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Marketing Beat: Stumptown Film to Explore Farmers’ Struggles and Skateboarding

flowers for flowers movie stumptown coffee

Screenshot from the Flower of Flowers trailer.

As the the summer blockbuster movie season springs upon us, prominent Portland, Oregon-based coffee roasting company Stumptown Coffee Roasters is releasing a film of its own.

While not likely to feature any comic book heroes, dastardly villains or thrilling motorcycle chases, the 30-minute short film Flower of Flowers will at least have a casual scooter ride through the coffeelands, according to a trailer just released by Stumptown and fellow producer in the project, Farm League:

The latter firm has been behind marketing videos for brands such as Coors, Nike, the WNBA and Wilson Tennis, and the Stumptown film follows pro skaters Rick McCrank and Ray Barbee, along with artist Lori Damiano and Stumptown Quality Assurance Manager Jim Kelso, to the coffeelands near Antigua, Guatemala.

According to a Stumptown announcement of the release, the group will “engage with local coffee producers and learn about what’s happening in Central America through the lens of music, art and skateboarding” while also documenting “the struggles of coffee producers in Central America due to the ever-fluctuating weather patterns.”

Skateboarding and coffee farmers struggling with fluctuating climates? Who needs comic book heroes?

The film release will coincide with the release of whole bean and cold brew Stumptown products with coffees sourced from Luis Pedro Zelaya Jr. of Guatemala’s Finca Bella Vista, with $1 from each bag sold going toward a scholarship for a student at Costa Rica-based nonprofit university Earth University.

In partnership with Saveur, Stumptown is holding ticketed screenings of the film this summer in New York City (June 24), Los Angeles (June 27) and Portland (July 9).