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Mercon Launches US-Based Specialty Importer Novus Coffee Imports

Novus coffee imports

The Novus Coffee Imports team cupping. All images courtesy of Novus Coffee Imports.

Longtime coffee trading company Mercon Coffee Group has launched a new specialty coffee importing division called Novus Coffee Imports.

With a home base in Seattle, Novus will specialize in the sale of microlots, traceable estate-grown coffees and other premium green coffees to the North American market, from orders as little as one bag to full containers.

Novus coffee bags

“We give our clients access to quality coffee and a direct source to producers due to our strong presence in origins such as Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil and Vietnam,” Craig Russell, the managing director of Novus, said in an announcement of the business launch today. “This allows us to work closely with producers to deliver the best quality possible. From purchase to shipment, we guarantee the traceability throughout our supply chain.”

In addition to the greens on its offer sheet, Novus will be engaged in educational workshops, business consulting, blending, roasting, packaging and coffee origin trips.

The company says it will take advantage of existing connections through the Mercon network, which includes importing divisions in the United States and Europe, plus offices for various financing and farmer assistance services in Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil and Vietnam. Mercon officially launched as an exporter in Nicaragua in 1952. Its U.S. import business launched in 1992.

Novus coffee imports

Today’s announcement emphasized a commitment on behalf of Novus to engage in trading practices and related services that additionally create long-term, sustainable benefits for coffee farmers.

“We want to highlight the roles of producers and coffee communities,” said Russell, a former vice president of global coffee for Starbucks. “When the roasters and the consumers try these unique microlots, they will connect with their history, effort and tradition. Together we can honor their rightful place in our industry.”

Novus coffee imports