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2019 World Aeropress Championship Coming to London in November

World Aeropress Championship

2018 World Aeropress Championship emcees Michelle Johnson and Marcus Boni. Photo by Abi Varney, courtesy of WAC.

The World Aeropress Championship (WAC) — which, despite all odds, is not only a real thing, but a real thing that’s thriving — is scheduled to take place in London, England, this November.

The Nov. 24 event at Oval Space in the Bethnal Green neighborhood of East London will mark the 12th World Aeropress Championship after humble beginnings among three coffee pros in Oslo, Norway, back in 2008.

This year, some 65 national Aeropress champions are expected to compete, with judges selecting one brew from each round of three to move onto the next round until only one Aeropresser is left standing. The identity of the compulsory competition coffee will be kept under wraps until just before the main event, and competitors will be given four hours to try to perfect their recipe.

WAC Seoul Abi Varney – 129

2017 World Aeropress Champion Paulina Miczka of England. Photo by Abi Varney, courtesy of WAC.

According to the WAC organizing team, based in Australia, competitors following each round will head to a brew bar, where they’ll repeat their recipes for crowd members. This being a fun-loving competition, there will of course also be food vendors and a bar on site.

Early bird tickets for the event are £13; general admission will start at £17; and a full access “drink for free” VIP package will cost £42.50. Tickets are available on the WAC Eventbrite page.

Should you be looking for non-competitive Aeropress inspiration, here the winning recipes from the past three years:

2019 World Aeropress Championship poster

The 2019 World Aeropress Championship poster.


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