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Italy’s Simonelli Group Carries On, Though Eagle One Tour is Grounded

Eagle One espresso

A digital representation of the new Victoria Arduino Eagle One espresso machine, courtesy of Simonelli Group.

With restrictions on public gatherings and travel around the world, it is no longer clear soaring ahead for the Eagle One promotional tour. Victoria Arduino parent company Simonelli Group SpA has announced that all events in Europe, the Middle East and Africa have been postponed.

And like virtually every other major coffee equipment manufacturer, the Italian company is keeping a keen eye out for announcements related to the SCA Expo, which is still scheduled to take place in Portland, Oregon, next month.

Fabio Ceccarani, CEO of Simonelli Group, based in the central Italian province of Macerata, told Daily Coffee News that the company has been taking strict health and safety measures in its offices, warehouses and factories for several weeks in order to protect employees, as well as to safeguard the entirety of its operations.

“In this moment everyone has a role to play in getting ready and staying healthy,” Ceccarani told DCN. “We implemented additional health and safety measures as specified by World Health Organization for our people and for our factory, to reduce the probability of infection by promoting the practice of everyday preventive actions. We are also strictly following, sometimes anticipating, the extraordinary healthy rules adopted by our government.”

Ceccarani said that all existing orders for products under the Simonelli Group umbrella will be processed and dispatched in and to all countries worldwide, and that the company does not currently forecast any critical issues for incoming requests for the next several weeks.

“The measures adopted by the Italian government permits the unrestricted circulation of goods in the entire Italian territory, allowing our company’s supply and logistics chain to continue working regularly for all our clients worldwide,” said Ceccarani. “Products, parts and materials [are] still flowing with normal efficiency. As you know, the situation is evolving very fast, so we are ready and structured to adapt to changes quickly. [However] we cannot rule out possible impact in the coming weeks, depending on if/how/where the virus will spread out.”

Ceccarani said the company is also prioritizing openness and transparency with all parties in these uncertain times. Simonelli Group commits to alerting all stakeholders of any repercussions of the current challenges and restrictions if and when they take effect.

Said Ceccarani, “We are convinced that in a worldwide emergency like this one, companies are responsible for strengthening and supporting the most transparent and genuine relationship[s] among all the affected stakeholders.”