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Design Details: The iDrip Booth Blinds with Science in Taiwan

iDrip coffee booth 3+2 3

Taiwanese design firm 3+2 Design Studio has offered a bright contemporary take on the popular theme that great coffee is the result of both science and art.

The firm was enlisted by the tech-forward Taiwanese coffee machine brand iDrip, whose single-serve, IoT-driven automatic pourover machine for home use was first introduced in 2019.

iDrip coffee booth 3+2 2

The project involved a booth design for the 2021 Creative Expo Taiwan trade show in April, where iDrip introduced its “Da Vinci” model.

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3+2, also based in Taipei, brought forth the theme “every drip is science” with a display of graphics and fixtures that reflect the exposed inner machinations of the brewer itself.

iDrip coffee booth 3+2 1

The booth features white walls and lights, transparent experimental test tubes, cold metal tables and a blackboard containing various coffeemaker designs that underscores the “laboratory” theme.

iDrip coffee booth 3+2 4

Steel plates were installed in the exhibition area to create a lab-bench-style bar for the brewer, while the graphic background features mechanical design manuscripts recalling those of Leonardo Da Vinci, while 3+2 added organic items such as nuts, chocolate, tropical fruits and flower imagery to enliven the senses.

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