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Fiorenzato Partners with Espresso Parts to Launch Fiorenzato USA

Fiorenzato grinder line

A lineup of Fiorenzato commercial grinders. All images courtesy of Espresso Parts.

Lacey, Washington-based coffee equipment supply company Espresso Parts has partnered with Italian espresso grinder manufacturer Fiorenzato to establish Fiorenzato USA.

With Fiorenzato products in stock in its Washington warehouses, Espresso Parts is launching sales and service of the latest home and professional espresso equipment made by the 80-year-old Italian company.

Fiorenzato grinder 1

A Fiorenzato XGi grinder.

The initial product lineup includes the Allground prosumer grinder, as well as new XGi commercial grinders.

The latter models are equipped with new features, including Fiorenzato’s “Pro” grind chambers, which are held in place by a system of clips for easy removal without changing the grind setting. In addition, the machine’s grind-by-weight systems feature a load cell at the base of the grinder through which the entire machine is weighed and subtractions measured as coffee reaches the portafilter.

Fiorenzato Allground

The Fiorenzato prosumer Allground grinder.

“The Fiorenzato brand has a great passion for quality and their latest innovations have really driven their position in the market,” Espresso Parts COO Matt Myer said in an announcement of the launch. “These machines not only deliver great results, but they also look fantastic and that is something that consumers want, quality products with attractive features. We are excited to have such a great partner to grow with.”

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Pietro Fiorenzato founded the Italian company in Venice in 1936 before its facilities were destroyed during World War II. By the late 1940s, Fiorenzato had rebuilt and resumed production of coffee equipment. In 2005 the founder’s grandchildren took the reins and in 2019 the company relocated its operations into a larger facility in Venice.

Espresso Parts has entered a licensing agreement to manage the brand, sales, marketing and all formal decisions in the U.S. for Fiorenzato.

Ascaso barista-t-plus-2g-white_sho

An Ascaso Barista T Plus machine.

The exclusive US distributor of Kalita manual brewing products, Espresso Parts is also the owner of Yama Glass distribution rights and the Hearth Goods brand of glassware. In 2020, the company partnered with Spanish espresso equipment maker Ascaso to establish Ascaso USA.

At this week’s SCA Expo trade show in Boston, Espresso Parts will be featuring its first Fiorenzato USA display while also officially launching sales of commercial machines from Ascaso.

Ascaso Baby T copy

The Ascaso Baby T espresso machine.

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