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Roast Magazine Releases Green Coffee Book

Green Coffee Book Roast Magazine


Roast Magazine Releases Green Coffee Book

A Guide for Roasters and Buyers by Chris Kornman

PORTLAND, Ore. (April 4, 2022) — A new book called Green Coffee: A Guide for Roasters and Buyers by Chris Kornman looks at green coffee—the coffee bean in its unroasted form—surveying history, processing methods, sourcing practices, evaluation protocols, and much more on the path to understanding what’s behind exceptional coffee. 

Through research, experimentation, collaboration and personal experience, author and coffee professional Chris Kornman offers a pragmatic, approachable breakdown of what it takes to appreciate and work with green coffee.

“Each step in the process and every hand that plays a part irreversibly alters the final product,” Kornman says. “Understanding the context and background of coffee before it is roasted is one of the trade’s best-kept secrets. With this book, I wanted to lift the veil and shed light on these areas of the industry so that roasters and buyers are equipped to successfully navigate the world of green coffee.”

Targeting industry professionals like roasters, quality control specialists and traders, Green Coffee offers both practical suggestions and deep theoretical understanding of unroasted coffee. The straightforward writing and analytical approach will appeal to a wide range of readers beyond tradespeople, making it an essential guide for any curious coffee adventurer.

The 172-page softcover book sells for $69.95 paperback and $39.95 digital. Find out more at

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Chris Kornman is a seasoned coffee quality specialist, writer and researcher, and the director of education at The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab and Tasting Room in Oakland, California. He has extensive experience with coffee grading, roasting, sourcing, traveling and tinkering. 


Roast is an award-winning trade magazine based in Portland, Oregon, dedicated to the success and growth of the specialty coffee industry. Roast publishes high-quality editorial content focused on the art, science and business of coffee. Other books published by Roast include The Book of Roast: The Craft of Coffee Roasting from Bean to Business, Coffee Covered: A Photographic Journey of Coffee from Farm to Cup and Cheap Coffee: Behind the Curtain of the Global Coffee Trade. For more information, visit

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My first thought as well, once I got done choking on that monstrous number.

I know Chris’ work and his background,respect him a lot, and have learned much from him. But that price is over the top for a 172 page book.

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