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Roast Announces Recipient of 2022 Small Business Grant

Roast magazine grant

Roast Magazine Announces Recipient of Small Business Grant

A $5,000 grant has been awarded to Catracha Coffee

PORTLAND, Ore. (April 10, 2022)—Roast is pleased to announce that Catracha Coffee has been awarded its 2022 Small Business Grant for $5,000 after applying for the program earlier this year. The grant application was open to any roastery, cafe or other coffee-related business in operation for at least two years, with 100 employees or less. A written submission form and 5-minute video were required to apply, detailing how the grant would be used to make an impact in the coffee industry or local community.

Catracha Coffee, established in 2010, is an exporting company based in Marcala, La Paz, Honduras. This grant was awarded for the purpose of building a cafe space in the coffee-farming community of Santa Elena. The company currently has a production roaster in Santa Elena that serves to roast coffee for producers in the area, contributing to an increase in local coffee consumption and supporting producers who sell their coffee in the community. The cafe will offer career development for local baristas, and further the growth of specialty coffee awareness and education in the region. 

“I am so grateful to be selected to receive the 2022 Roast Magazine Small Business Grant,” says Mayra Orellana-Powell, owner and co-founder of Catracha Coffee. “Dreams come true. This grant will allow us to offer more options for youth in the community.”

Catracha Coffee – Grant Winner

Catracha Coffee Co. courtesy photo.

Led by Orellana-Powell, who grew up in Santa Elena, co-founder Lowell Powell, and general manager Eva Vasquez, Catracha Coffee exports approximately 85,000 pounds of coffee each year from more than 80 producers who live in the municipality of Santa Elena. 

Read more about Catracha Coffee and the Roast Magazine Small Business Grant program at 


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