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Dillanos Coffee Expands PNW Reach with Avalanche Distributing Acquisition

Dillanos coffee roasters headquarters

The Dillanos Coffee Roasters headquarters in Sumner, Washington.

Sumner, Washington-based roasting company Dillanos Coffee Roasters has acquired family-owned coffee roasting and distribution company Avalanche Distributing in the Yakima Valley town of Zillah.

According to Dillanos, the Roast magazine 2011 Roaster of the Year winner approaching its 30th anniversary this year, the acquisition is expected to give the company wider direct-delivery access throughout Washington as it plans its continued wholesale expansion.

The terms of the acquisition have not been made public. While currently operating as Avalanche Distributing, the merged company will eventually become part of the Dillanos brand.

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Dave Fergus launched Avalanche from his garage in Zillah in the 1990s, distributing to vending machines before eventually investing in a coffee roaster and bakery, then delivering a range of coffee products throughout the region. Following Fergus’s death in 2008, his wife Wanda ran the business along with his brothers Dick and Don.

“Our family is thrilled that Dillanos Coffee Roasters is the company to acquire Avalanche,” Wanda Fergus said in an announcement released by Dillanos. “As our family prepares for life after work, we couldn’t have left our business in better hands.”

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